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This term, we've been entering the wonderful world of TV Production.

'Lowfarne Productions' is a TV production company with some issues. They have dabbled in every form of TV from cartoons to drama, reality programmes to quiz shows, but have never made it big...

But perhaps their salvation is at hand. The BBC have approached them to undertake a whole series of programmes on the Ancient Greeks - they'll have to use all their experience of different genres to produce programmes that touch all their target audiences.

The real question, though, is whether Sir Bernard Black, Chairman of the BBC will like what he sees enough to award them the contract...


'The Elemental Suitcase'

Our Current Mantle - The elemental suitcase

This term, our mantle is rather unusual – even more so than usual! We’re basing it around a story, called ‘The Elemental Suitcase’.

In this tale, two children, Max and Polly go to spend the summer with their Grandad – an eccentric old man who has a fascination with maps, exploration and, perhaps most importantly, with understanding our environment. Under his sofa, Max and Polly discover a dusty old suitcase, which Grandad tells them is full of magic – magic which will take them to exciting new places to learn about the world.

Full of excitement, Max and Polly are whisked off by the suitcase and land, not in the Bahamas, the top of a volcano, or under the ocean… but in a garden shed half a mile from their home. From that point on, they are sent by the magic to old ramshackle farms, dirty supermarket warehouses and rubbish dumps – all without leaving their own village. But as they go, they discover a wealth of knowledge about the four elements, earth, air, water and fire – and how to care for the world.

Our mantle will place the children in the position of a group the management committee of an environmental charity. Following consultation with Max and Polly, the charity will be forced to reassess some of their more careless ways of working… perhaps in their efforts to help the environment, they’re actually doing more harm than good…

Our Current Mantle - The elemental suitcase


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